Spring Series -SEKO

Spring Series – SEKO

Motor-driven plunger piston and mechanical diaphragm dosing pumps

Since 1976, SEKO’s design and manufacturing expertise has delivered unrivalled chemical dosing precision, consistency and reliability to the water-treatment and cleaning and hygiene industries.

With our next-generation pump solutions, we transform the way operators manage their processes, helping them to achieve a new level of performance, efficiency and sustainability that places them apart from the competition.

The Spring series, named after its integral spring return mechanism, is our entry-level motor-driven pumps range providing precision dosing across a broad range of applications including agricultural, wastewater and potable water treatment.

Comprising plunger piston pumps (PS) and mechanical diaphragm pumps (MS), the Spring range allows users to choose from multiple combinations of pump head and motor power for a pump perfectly suited to their application.

The quiet-running Spring pumps are fitted with mechanically-actuated diaphragms, making them ideal for low-pressure applications, while the use of premium materials for components such as 316L stainless-steel heads and ceramic pistons (optional) offer the robustness and reliability you expect from a SEKO product.


  • Low noise integral gearbox, worm type, oil bath lubricated
  • Reduced energy consumption based on low friction rolling bearings design
  • Micrometric stroke lenght adjustment both manually or automatically actuated.
  • Automatic stroke length variation by electrical servomotor, on request.
  • Easy “on field” installation of electrical servomotor on manual stroke adjustment mechanism.


  • Capacity: from 1,5 to 304 L/h
  • Max pressure: 20 BAR
  • Stroke rate: 58 • 78 • 116 strokes/minute
  • Piston diameter: from 6 to 64 mm
  • Motor: standard 0,18 and 0,25 Kw (IP 55)
  • Stroke length: 15 mm 

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