Torishima MMO
Torishima MMO

Torishima MMO

Torishima MMO Horizontal Multistage Pump

MMO is high pressure centrifugal pumps are pumps of ring section type. They are suitable for clean media free from abrasive and solid particles and not liable to attack the pump mechanically (abrasion) or chemically (corrosion).

The TORISHIMA MMO is horizontal, radially split ring section pumps, single flow.
The casings are sealed by flat gasket and held together by the bolts. The stage casing and the tie bolts are encased in a steel cladding.
The pump feet are arranged either below the pump or at centre line accordig to the enumber of stages and the temperature.


They are used in Water Works, Pressure Boosting Stations, Sprinkling and Irrigation Installations, Fountains,

Fire-Fighting Systems and in Mechanical Engineering. They are handle Boiler Feed water and Condensate,

Circulating Cooling Water and Hot water and are used for Power Water Generation and in Car wash.


  • Total Head : up to 400 m
  • Capacity : up to 112 m3/hr
  • Size : 32 to 65 mm
  • Temperature : up to 100 Degree Celsius

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