Plunger and mechanical diaphragm metering pumps

Three sizes of mechanism and a wide selection of models with different performances allow the user to find the appropriate solution for almost any application.



  • Low noise integral gearbox, worm type, oil bath lubricated
  • Reduced energy consumption based on low friction rolling bearings design
  • Micrometric stroke lenght adjustment both manually or automatically actuated.
  • Automatic stroke length variation by electrical servomotor, on request.
  • Easy “on field” installation of electrical servomotor on manual stroke adjustment mechanism.


  • Capacity: from 1,5 to 304 L/h
  • Max pressure: 20 BAR
  • Stroke rate: 58 • 78 • 116 strokes/minute
  • Piston diameter: from 6 to 64 mm
  • Motor: standard 0,18 and 0,25 Kw (IP 55)
  • Stroke length: 15 mm 

Selection Chart